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Additional Information

and Terms of Service


My preferred method of transaction is PayPal.

You may request a refund until a work in progress or finished piece is sent. No refunds will be given after completion.

You may request edits up to a week after completion, maximum of 3 free edits.

The commission will not be started until payment is completed.


You can use the piece you purchased as a cover photo, avatar, sidebar image, or anything you like.

You can print the piece for personal use only.

You can NOT resell the piece you purchased or mass-produce it for profit in any way. You must specify if you are commissioning a book cover or any other type of work meant for distribution.

I may use any piece in my portfolio or as advertisement for my work on my website or social media.

I may sell the piece as prints or merchandise. (Original characters/designs won’t be printed without permission!)

Please tag and credit me if you choose to repost your commission on social media.


Pieces can take up to a few months to complete. Please let me know if you have a deadline.

I have the right to drop or refuse your commission at any time for any reason. (If payment is completed, you will be refunded in full!)

I may post your piece or keep it private at my discretion.

All commissions are in the form of a digital PNG image file, no hard copies will be sent. PSD files can be sent at your request.

Do not edit, remove, or otherwise tamper with my signature on the piece.

Tips are not necessary, but highly appreciated!


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